Can Anyone Learn How To Be Funny?
Of course! There’s a common misconception going around which says humor can’t be studied--you have to be born naturally funny. It’s something you were born with or not. Other people say just by watching witty things, like watching funny YouTube clips or reading witty stories or watching funny TV shows could make you become a witty person.

While practical, this isn’t actually the truth right?

Look at if this made sense about other skills you've learned. Do you figure out how to draw by simply visiting an art exhibit and browsing the artwork? Or play the guitar by listening to a guitar solo? This reasoning clearly doesn’t make sense for these skills, and it doesn’t make sense when you're thinking of figuring out how to be funny either. Just understanding what's funny doesn’t cause you to be funny.

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Many people who have attempted to be funny by making a clever comment and receive poor criticism have it even more difficult. You make a clever comment, nobody laughs, and then you get that sinking, humiliating feeling inside. It encourages you to not plan to consider making a joke ever again.

Forwarding links to funny pictures or images you find online doesn’t make you funny--it just shows that you have a sense of humor. But developing your own individually styled clever comments and developing your very own one-of-a-kind content just through your own everyday activities or imagination will take skill. And that skill can be acquired.

One thing you can use that can help enhance your funny, captivating personality is simply by being attentive to your environment. Looks odd, but bear with me. Rather than just spotting a tree while you’re taking a stroll, make a mental note of the information regarding the tree. What color is it? Are there many trees around or is it just by itself? Do you notice anything odd about the tree? Think about the leaves, are there a lot or just a little? What colors are the leaves?

Any time you begin to pay attention to everything, big or minor, ideas arise. This is what's called the baseline, which is basically all the factual information you're able to work with. The greater your baseline, the greater amount of information you have to consider. If all you saw was merely “tree” then your baseline is incredibly small and you may have great difficulty building from there. The baseline will be your supporting framework of your idea and the more details you can pick out, the better.

The next step you can execute is to get started in thinking about random or interesting observations you could make about any points you can pick out from your baseline. Could there be something funny about the tree? Would you relate it to different things in your life? Would it resemble something you can notice a resemblance to something somewhere else? This is the time you have to expand your creative imagination--most of us don’t think imaginatively and making the effort to think about intriguing things to talk about or examine about things is going to take some time to establish. But this is how the process works--yuo won't become witty by saying ordinary things.

The final thing you can do is eliminate: virtually every joke can become better by being shorter. The shorter the joke the better, because the longer you force your audience to remember all the details about what you've said for them to understand the joke, the more challenging it becomes to truly be funny. The ideal jokes are one-liners for a simple reason: they are straight and to the point. Jokes that also have a backstory can work, usually if it’s in written form, but could you think about saying a joke that needs a long story within a conversation? It needs your friends to remember so many aspects to realize why it’s funny, and you risk losing their awareness while you give them the info they need to get the joke.

Make it easy for your audience with simple to understand jokes and make it funny without making it too lengthy, and you’ll be well on your way to conveying your naturally clever, captivating character before you know it.


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